ARIIEL Laboratory

TD2 has established a state-of-the-art research environment that enables investigators to mimic the radiation therapy process used when treating patients with cancer. The ARIIEL radiation and immunotherapy laboratory houses the research setup providing the most advanced experimental program for testing the efficacy of standard clinical radiation techniques and potential new drugs that, together, could enhance the standard of treatments for cancer.

TD2 is able to simulate the radiation treatment given to patients in a preclinical setting, allowing both TD2 and 21st Century Oncology to identify new treatments for this devastating disease. (Press release)

Select Equipment:

Xstrahl SARRP Image Guided Micro-Irradiation (IGMI)

The research platform is based on state-of-the-art Image Guided Micro-Irradiation (IGMI™) techniques. The SARRP research platform incorporates CT imaging with precise radiation delivery to enable researchers to pinpoint an exact anatomical target and confidently deliver 0.5 mm beams to that point. The SARRP platform can then deliver single or multiple beams of radiation to the target with the utmost accuracy, matching the clinical techniques used in oncology departments around the world.