In Vitro

Proof of Concept "POC" Human Tumor Cell Lines

TD2 has more than 200 human tumor cell lines representing all of the major histologies as well as some rare tumors available for compound evaluation. Many lines have been characterized using gene expression profiling data that can guide cell line selection. Cell viability assays are available to quantify growth inhibitory effects of experimental agents, evaluate interactions between convention chemotherapy and experimental agents, and determine optimal drug sequencing. Both low and high-throughput screening are available.

Rapid, Accurate Compound Delivery

TD2 utilizes the Tecan D300 digital dispenser to provide accurate and repeatable delivery of small molecule and biomolecules. The Tecan D300 allows for completion of simple titrations to complex combination schemes.

Myeloma Screening Tools

TD2 has highly predictive multiple myeloma screening programs for new agents. This includes a diverse high-risk myeloma cell panel representing the major genomic alterations available for in vitro screening. TD2 also has commercial rights to the most predictive in vivo myeloma mouse model, the Vk*Myc model, to further explore the efficacy of new agents in this disease.