In Vitro

Access Proof of Concept Tumor Cell Lines

Our clients have access to more than 300 validated models to direct clinical and regulatory strategy. As part of that preclinical collection of low- and high-throughput screening tools, you can:

Get Rapid, Accurate Compound Delivery

Our in-house Tecan D300 digital dispenser provides accurate and repeatable delivery of small and large molecules—and supports simple titrations to complex combination schemes.

Explore Our High-Risk Myeloma Cell Panel

For those engaged in multiple myeloma research, we provide access to highly predictive screening programs, including a diverse high-risk myeloma cell panel representing the major genomic alterations, now available for in vitro screening. We also hold commercial rights to the most predictive in vivo myeloma mouse model, the Vk*Myc model, to further explore the efficacy of new myeloma agents.

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