Clinical Infomatics News: What To Know Before Pairing Drugs With A Checkpoint Inhibitor

These days, there are thousands of clinical trials, and many drug makers rush to pair their drugs with checkpoint inhibitors. The thing is, often times this logic isn’t based on a good scientific story, leading to many drugs failing and leaving many patients with inferior, nonscientific regimens, which isn’t fair to them.

It’s not that combination strategies can’t work—it’s just that such pairings must be thoroughly vetted to ensure they work in the clinic. How to accomplish that? By asking a series of questions beforehand to help determine if a drug is likely to work well in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor, according to TD2 President and CEO Stephen Gately. Before jumping on the “combination bandwagon,” discover how to uncover the goals, opportunities and challenges of combination-based research in Stephen’s recent article for Clinical Informatics News.