In Vivo

Access Proof of Concept Syngeneic, Xenograft, Orthotopic, and Humanized Models

Through a 10,000-square-foot AAALAC-accredited vivarium that is staffed with experts in preclinical oncology research, our clients have access to more than 300 human tumor and murine tumor cell line-derived models that represent all of the major histologies, as well as rare disease. As part of that collection, you can:

Get High-Tech Optimal Imaging Resources

Facilitate preclinical optical imaging with a multi-modal AMI 1000 designed for powerful bioluminescence, fluorescence and X-ray.

Glean Early Insights About Toxicity

Through non-GLP toxicology assessments—including dose range finding, pharmacokinetic analysis, CBC and blood chemistries, and highly sophisticated histopathology services—you can glean early insights into a drug's activity and toxicity, which can be added to any in vivo study as secondary endpoints.

Store and Access Data, Securely

Get accurate data collection and reporting through StudyLog®, our electronic data collection software—which also enables more reliable data collection and faster analysis. Access your data (individual/group mean tumor volumes, body weights, graphs, and observations) through our secure data room at any point through the study.

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