Specialized Models

Specialized Models

Primary (PDX) Glioblastoma Models

Get a unique look into the various glioblastoma disease types with more than 40 first-presentation and recurrent models—now available for in vivo and in vitro analysis as both subcutaneous and orthotopic models:

Rare Diseases

We define rare disease in many ways—rare in incidence, mutationally rare within a larger indication, etc.—and have an ongoing effort to validate new models that represent an unmet medical need.   

Multiple Myeloma Transgenic Mouse Model

Improve multiple myeloma efficacy studies with more than 60 agents from Vk-Myc, a genetically engineered, clinically predictive mouse model from Dr. Leif Bersagel’s lab at the Mayo Clinic. Monitor treatment effects on the clinically-relevant M-protein levels to assess efficacy. Studies have linked the model’s high correlation with clinical outcomes in patients.

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